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The average company loses on a yearly basis from 10 to 30 percent of its Clients - often without even knowing the exact names of the Clients who left, the time of their leaving and the influence of the loss on the sales revenue and company earnings. Regardless of the type of business, on the average, the leaders in customers' loyalty develop twice as fast as the business itself.

69 percent of the Clients discontinue the service or the product due to the company's unprofessional customer service; 13 percent of Clients stop being loyal because they are not satisfied with the product itself and 9 percent of the customers leave lured by the activities of the competitors.

There are 15 percent of new concepts of the products that are actually launched on the market out of which 35 percent stay on the market and only 5 percent reach the minimum level of profit, which means that 95 percent of financial resources is spent without meeting the minimum level of profit.

So, it is good aim to fight!